Computer Based Training (S.M.A.R.T. by 3M)

Service Maintenance Analysis Resource Training

Safety Observation Training Program

The 3M Computer-Based Training System allows Industrial Commercial Cleaning Group to create and administer computer-based training programs for our employees. Our empolyees, whether newly hired or senior, receive training at regular intervals and take tests via the computer system. This process insures that our employees stay abreast of the ever-changing technology of the building services industry. ICCG Administrators can create training courses based on your facilities specifications and requirements. This allows us the ability to track student progress which is directly linked to quality of services provided to our clients.

Training employees for safety is a vital responsibility of all our supervisors and officers.

The Safety Observation Training Program is a useful tool for supervisors while carrying out their responsibility to train all employees in safe work habits and practices. Safety training will only produce results if it is used skillfully, systematically, and with training for injury prevention as a constant purpose.

Only people can prevent injuries and only properly trained employees educated and disciplined in safe work practices and habits, can be expected to work safely.

This mandatory training presents the basic principles and procedures. It defines both the responsibility for safety training of each supervisor and the authority to carry out this assigned responsibility. It is, in short intended to be a guide to help every supervisor and staff officer train for injury prevention.
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